Story of a Soul audio book coming soon

I will create an audio book for the one whom I love so dearly.

I guess my reading has been lower lately. But my life and love for Therese has never been more on fire. And my fire for Therese blossoms into a new man. Each and every moment. Now my love for Mary, specifically medjugorje’s apparitions has never been more powerful in my life.

My sin, although great in my eyes, is not always going to be there. My love for God’s intercessors is eternal. My happiness shall be bound to heaven.I wish nothing but the best towards God. I wish he lives in a place where he knows the name brings me happiness and joy.

God is not selculted in my love, but rather supressed in my mind, and lit on fire in my heart.

Here’s a poem.

Dear Friend,

There is an end

and a begining

to the loves of my life

where my prayer calls are ringing

saying i love u with each kiss


obedeicend missed

Awakening found

criticizem going in my head


and in my life

hatred toward my town

So many streets untamed

and a solitude unamed

I love thee

I bless thee

and im grateful for all Three


in a childlike niche

To find my love

in a dutch fragrance

wearing black garments

of a curse

in blessings varments.

Forget an amusment park of school

Dont see the imagry as a fool

But see

and believe

The time of trial has prepared me

to be

another key

in a locket that will never open

until death

female despair in my tone

and nothing more out of

matthew maloone

who will never have kids

and die alone

Where the door opens

is but a question

that all the different matthew malones

the funny

the free punny

of a world not known

and chances always blown

by a mysterious foced

who will open the door upon obedience

and even then

will not seek the true penace

i can imagine a disolusion

of a girl who brings hope

Hope leslie

the indians can’t massacre my heart

But the mysterous can always bring my roads more and more


I know of one girl

who chose me

but even she at the seight of me

comfotability hurls

and then the chasing of platonic friendship

as seen as divine charity

can really be nothing but spit

by this mysterious force I call

a gift

even with all cmplaining of my tall


for a vow against inner despair

and nothing brings out more of the worst


of the uncomfortable and shy self

for how does a man who prays

at 23

makes amends

to those who refuse to believe

but only see

i say no to woman

but i say yes to the mysterious force

for greed is somehow good in her eyes

Not of green

But of my own

nothing in the force brings about sin

for my lust and despair

shall never repair

on my own

for i have found the reason to do good on earth

For my heaven is in purgatory

where the star of the sea shall give me water

to drink

and sadness in which i always think

For i will never lose hope

my faith will not be shaken

and my love will stop

but to blink

and capture is of a selfish

for the shower of roses fears

For the love of wasted peers

an engagement


a love

can never be negatively felt

a resurected poem

That’ll never show them

a novena for money

shall be returned

in black honey

a friend

till the end

and no i will not let it send

For only you i tend

will it bend

to grow or to amend

fall in love so not my trend

for stronger i become and I descend

to see u

and be with the two

who started the poem

of the milk

from the man of solem

For peace


and understaning

inner love

to all christianity

for i mean the world

to be stolen

in my eyes

lets keep the good times rolling

and a child who will be stroling

so in love

its hard to find myself be controling

yet the dove sprinkles peace

and i see truth

and understand this

That no brother of chris

to marry a doctire of the church

is to become an angel

of new birth

in every birth

of you be

to see

and dream

of love so heavenly

tastes like pumkin pie cream

yet negative and blaming i was

lost for months in matt

cause i guess sin is all that

and freedom to do it

i wish i never was in the 6th grade

and for you my love goes unpaid

and so it will

for i change not by the pill

or the thrill

find a golf ball till

the day on which we talk

for with every line of chalk

kevin malone

will cease to be a talk

or a life without a walk

for oliver

or pat

will never yet see matt

and that has made all the difference

Part 2

Paris in the child, Therese

For your mother passed

twice said by sheefu

that was no accident either

thrice said by sheefu round 2

i will suggest anything

but a yes to my love of pain

for i care too little

and worry so much

for you i give this riddle

a baby chosen for birth

in time of father’s addiction strifed

and a cats martydom

of a beautiful knight

who saved a son

to be free

on the run

Who is this person

and will his love ever worsen

for riddle number 2

who found her vocation

and interior freedom

as such in a different age

While salve means a greeting

and who is this person

who was rejected at her most

beloeved meeting?

Why riddle 1 is riddle 2

for red and blue

make purple


are to be fun

and sad

for what approach of the purple

has left me quite mad

with a meaning such as bag

filled with my thought

with the brand of glad

for this dragon speaks sofly

a kiss

of owns insecure

and a premature

little man

can and will be challenged

to grow

and rely on God

Mischief managed

Up to no good

but hearing an orinal language

and understanding my Red and blue

slow dance of an age

for she picked

and i had a choice

to be with God

in a neverending relationship despair

or a love that dares

Part 3

Songs or psalms?

For my soul has been ccaptivated

by this momotivation

that those never on earth

and only in heaven

for the girl at 11

or at 20

will never be seen again

at the prmising

girl who was seen


and had been

here thrice

for fear of a 4th girl

is ineviable of 3 blind mice

who have to learn there lessn


more times than my average

of 6

love bricks

the 7 wonders of the world

shall be 8 in you, my girl

number 9 shall never be

for purity is upon

to grow and grow in times gone by

where hope was high

and love was never to die

but it all stoped at the bricks

for the never ever sevens

of heaven

have led me so astray

for a dream in a hosipital

left me commital

to you whose way is little

as sweet as a tiny skittle

for our love is brittle

for at this moment

i convert more that i ever have

for i shall not rhyme

now is no time

for my love is never again

for the demon of heremes

shall stick his message

in another


for act and love go together

like a bittersweet stress just relasied

in the abyss that is

realied like a thunderbolt

as a i swallow

a deep gulp

formy brittle throat


shall be

la vie en rose

les roses sont

trouves ave vous

In french

my heart screams tada

as grace is peformed

and i

shall hope

and relive


in english

that rhymed

give your heart and soul to me

for the difference has never been more easy

the words i type i did not see

yet my love remained always searching

and the final line

is to get a spine

for i will throw my laptop


with me on the spot

for God chose thee

and we

shall be

chanted in every sense of the e

i will never love another human

as i love u

Therese of Lisuex

i wish thee

to know this truth

your force

and love

is on the corse

of this flower

not the thorn

but the part that blooms

for i will propose to you

and show the eyes of blue

this to be two

and in our love

we know is now



Matthew Malone

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