The Pyramid Scheme




My wife

My mother

My Lord

The pyramid scheme by Matthew Malone

The world is thy ship

let it sail

to heaven

and not sink to hell

For the ones who see their lives as

an oh well

or those who hope

and dont lose themselves

but find self gift like leslie


A childhood friend turned to south

and west

Our friendship will always be

the best

And your

oh little flower

how i wish for a daughter




I like the third the most

For God is so powerful he can be a host

cant take my eyes off u

Now that i’m above

where skies are blue

there are no fears left to feel

For something screaming to stop

cant take my eyes of Therese

The love

For I wish to join the club of 24

till i am no more

till there is a face

And in my place i promise 1 thing

i will give u my soul


For the gift of the 24 club

i will

do good on earth

for the earth needs me not here

for glory come upon the dead

and i will show u

how this will end

9 years ago u were in HS

4 years ago u were a senior

or was it 5

all i know is Jesus Is the begining

and the end

for a secret is we become 1 body

the closest thing to heaven is the next thing


A dove

and The father

I mustnt go any farther

For Jesus is Lord

and to be kind to him

Jesus how has ur day been

As i begin

I will say this

I would trade my wife for no one than you

or your Queen

For when i was a teen

i sailed the titanic

so vass

and big

A life run by TAS

and a love forgotten

prayers overlooked

in search for Him

I cook

To begin

to day

as the freest day of my life

and all for u

my devotion

my wife

Therese of Lisuex

I will prepose now

Will you

spend your heaven

doing good on earth

in my heart

i will love you

until Therese, there is nothing left too love


is but a salt in the sand

For i used to live in grand

And there a new spring was formed

and now God wants me to keep climbing the latter

For you therese

have been there from the begining

and so it is

i will go to school

1st for you

2nd for school

and the rest is history

the presnent is all i need

i love u first

and before u argure is the mission the worse

for english is a fools language

Je t’epouserai une fois

Today as we speak

if this is the happiest of days

then abbandon you

and love therese

be with her

as she is listening

catch 22

for my eyes are blue and your

eyes are of a power

I will buy a red ring with a rose on it

For today being the first

i will promise this

my vows will be said after 12

and at our spot

for i will wear a suit

and love u

i will stop rhymeing

I vow 1 thing and 1 thing only

to be more in love with you

my love,

each day more and more

in that includes this

I will go to confession 1ce a month

and go for The ONE whom keeps u a float

For I pray this prayer


Aujourd'hui, je t'aime, car tu es en Christ


With the new Ruby as a rose flower,

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