Pray for the souls who have no one to pray for them

This entry, is, will be, one of the most important entries I will ever write.

The following image has truly moved my heart. I believe there are souls after this life that are trapped in purgatory. This to me is the greatest ‘injustice of whatever this is’. More accuately, this is what my new buisness will be about. I want to spend my life praying for those who have no one else to pray for them. On a retreat this is what I want to have the focus be.

I could have many selfish ambitions this semester. Whether that be what I need. But i truly believe that there are so many helpless souls in the afterlife that are trapped. Trapped by their own failures and mistakes. St. Faustina talks about divine mercy and that ofc is truly something to be admired. For it is one way that the how has begun.

There are many hows in this life. How will I get this done? I do not know. I was going to pray a rosary yesterday, but I ended up getting side tracked. I don’t know if anyone will see this. But i do know that this is the way to my heart.

I feel as those souls have a way out. A way out through me and my prayers. We’re all so focused on this world. On today, and tomorrow. But to me, Life needs to be more than this.

Why am i doing this. Just look at that photo. I’m not going to explain spirit away, but I will explain this. The charcter called no face is representant of these souls. He simply wants a friend. Someone to love him. Yet no one will. “Therefore he who loves the least of my brothers loves Me.” Jesus said that. And I say this. I know not of anything. But I want to love these people. These so called harsh souls who need a little love.

I know what it’s like to be left out. It’s like in all my classes i feel like the one who no one knows. I feel like most of my life I don’t have any friends or anyone who I can consistently call people. If I could identify with him I would but one phrase that has stuck with me is this.

I’m good.

I’m good forever to come. I know of heaven and I believe God will send me there.

Yet this photo is like a personification of the desire flaming in my heart.

No face begins to stay with the witches twin sister because he in my mind finds a distraction. A distraction from himself, one could say that, but he is good at sewwing or doing a small activity.

This scene as I watched with my family recenelty struck me profusely some 5 or so months ago.

My high school life, which i shake at the thought of, was very much like this.

I hope people pray for high school suicide victims. I hope people pray for dead homeless victims. I hope people pray for people they do not know. I hope people pray for people who are trapped in the afterlife. I want this. I like this. This is everything to me

Jesus I ask that this may be my mission in life. To love those who have no one else to pray for them. I pray I may console you and myself in a poem.

My friends by Matthew Malone

A tree

so giving

yet a trinity

so reciving

no face

i wish life found you

for i was once lost, too

love begins here

for i know not of my death

i am no deer

but i am a mighty lamb

so it is.

For i am good

as i should

There once was a boy

so lost

he took a bite of the tree

and was led so astray

that depression fell upon him

and even tho his outlook looked grim

he kept moving foward

he kept going

of all the poetry I write

this one has a certain bite

a sting so to speak

For i once knew to blink

i’ve tasted and seen

the bitterness of fear

yet i am no deer

i am good

no should

i do not want to make my head to big

even tho my arms are twigs

i care not

for i am not left out

with God no one is alone

For i know of the sweetest of malone

but i do desire this

for my heart to never be dimmed

as i begin

my love for life

is led away from the knife

my friends


Matthew Malone

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