About Me

I am 23. I am working on restoreing laptops to sell.

I have another site where you can find out more about me http://www.thelamb.divineloveofamother.com/

I want you to know the reason why i’m building this site.

I am currently wondering what to do with my stimulus check, and am tired of me working for my money. Rather I would like my money to work for me.

I see an opportunity in the laptop buisness. Laptops flat out are too expensive and people throw them away too quickly. I’ve also found that Laptops can be fixed. Currently as I’m writing this post I have no buyers for any of the laptops I’m building.

I also see an opportunity in creating custom laptops. Lets say you’re a big pokemon fan. I could custom build a pikachu laptop for you. Let me know if you have any requests by email. Truthmalone@gmail.com is where I check and will respond as soon as I get the email.

I’m also a current junior at the University of St. Thomas and am certified in the following software languages by W3schools






A picture of the following certificates can be found on the next page.